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FAQ for Applicants

Are there any fees?

Yes. However, all fees are Employer Paid.

Is it really Confidential?

Yes. We do not share the names of our applicants or our employers until a match is made and both parties are interested. Often we will do our presentation generically so as to protect that Confidentiality.

How long does the process take?

Sometimes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes longer. We have a good flow of jobs and people through our office. Finding a match - job, proximity, income, experience - sometimes comes easy and sometimes not. The more open the applicant is and the more open the employer is the easier a match is made. However, too often the employer is looking for very specialized credentials.

What do you do?

We take a thorough application on each applicant. Go over the details, check references and establish the credentials of each applicant. We take equally thorough job orders from employers, most of whom we have had a history of working with over the years. When presenting employers to applicants or applicants to employers we are very frank and honest. We include the good with the bad and allow each to make up their own minds about who they will or will not interview.

Do you have any references?

Yes. Call anyone in the Pacific NW that you know and ask them about us. If you don't know anyone in the NW just check the internet.

Why should I go through you instead of looking for myself?

You should do both. Most of our jobs are unadvertised. We know who is doing the hiring and have access to them. If you're currently working we can search for you generically, without risking your current job. A true job search should include several sources of job contacts. You should include Car People as one of them.

Do I have to come into the office?

It's always better if we have met you and done an eyeball to eyeball interview - and many of our employers prefer it. However, it is not required. Obviously if you live outside of our service area or even too far from our office to make a visit practical then we will have to do without an interview. For us that means that we check a couple more references and try to get a feel for the working environment and employer you will be most comfortable with.

FAQ for Employers

Exactly how much are the fees and are there any guarantees?

Call or email us and we will get a copy of our fees to you, and yes, there are guarantees.

As an employer, why should I go through you instead of running my own ads?

We save you the time and cost of running ads, interviewing unqualified applicants and taking time away from your regular income producing schedule. By screening and pre-qualifying applicants we only give you solid contenders to interview. Most of our applicants are currently working and have signed up with us to find a new job. They are not responding to ads on the internet. They do not want to risk their present job by talking to friends and associates about their job search. You may never know about the perfect person for your job if you don't give us a call.

If I give you a job order to fill a position will you steal someone from one of my competitors? Would you steal someone from me?

Good question. We will never "steal" or "headhunt" within our service area including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska or Montana. Applicants must contact us on their own volition. Furthermore we understand that people sometimes just have a bad day and may give us a call. Our response is responsible and we will take time to investigate each applicant's motive for wanting to move. Odd as it may seem, we often find ourselves talking people into staying where they are and trying to work matters out. If they work for one of our customers they will have to have a good reason for wanting to move; such as an unreasonable commute, promotion, different job etc..

Do you do any testing?

Not at this time. We do encourage both pre-employment drug testing and pre-employment tests to determine compatibility with the specific opening.

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