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The Pacific Northwest is probably one of the strongest job markets in the US today.

No matter what 2017 throws our way our industries are in a growth mode. Monster
lists almost 14,000 job openings as of January 10th in Washington alone.
Microsoft lists over 3000 just in Western Washington. Boeing keeps landing orders that
will take us well into the next decade. Our state is in a continual growth mode as more
people are attracted by our moderate climate, quality of life and strong job growth.

And, of course, the automotive market is doing quite well. Growth means finding new
talent. That is what we do. Let us know if we can help you in 2017 with the people
you need to make it happen!!!!!


Today we find ourselves in a unique transition when it comes to cars and safety.

Too many distracting devices from cell phones to dash board electronics and displays, are adding to all of the other distractions we have always had. Accidents and death tolls are adding up. You see a car wandering down the road, crossing over the line. You know that they are probably talking on their cell or texting. It is everywhere; commonplace.

Then comes modern technology to the rescue. Automatic warning systems, automatic braking, blind spot buzzers and all sorts of driver assists. Soon self-driving cars will arrive, which would all but eliminate the distractions we are so concerned with today. But they are not here yet and when they start coming there will be a generation or two of obsolete cars that will have to be upgraded or recycled before we can enjoy the new and safer models.  We are in that transition period. Almost like when TV replaced radio or the advent of the dishwasher or the cure for a disease or indoor plumbing for that matter.
I can’t wait! No, really, I can not wait!

Autonomous Fords by 2021

Ford to make autonomous cars for ride-hailing, ride-sharing by 2021

Ford today said it plans to introduce an autonomous vehicle by 2021 for use in a ride-hailing or ride-sharing service. Ford said the vehicle would be “specifically designed for commercial mobility services” and built in high volumes......Nick Bunkley, Automotive News 8-16-2016

RV Sales Way Up!

Sales of Recreational Vehicles in the $6000 to $500,000 range are set to beat a 39 year high this year, the best since 1977, with the potential to do even better in 2017. This jump in nonessential purchases suggests that folks feel fairly confident about the prospects of future incomes. The Kiplinger Letter 7.15.16  Possibly an indicator of an interest in domestic travel as opposed to going abroad. All good indicators of a strong and growing US economy.

Dave is Back

Dave is Back!!!

daveJust a year and a half after retiring Dave DeMontigny is back with Car People. "I retired too early, I'm too young to call it quits!"

Dave will assume the Office and Accounting plus all Parts Positions that we work with. With 18 years under his belt here at Car People, Dave is up to speed and ready to go. Give him a call.

Cadillac's New Look

Look for some big changes at your local Cadillac store. With sales down 12% Project Pinnacle is geared to upgrade service to include suits and ties, roadside and concierge service and a revamp of how dealerships and sales people are paid. More bonus heavy for hitting sales goals by Tier and customer rating targets plus complying with a lengthy list of new standards. Coming to a store near you this October. Automotive News

Nissan Joins the Big Boys for Market Share

US Vehicle Sales are UP

Make                    US Market Share % YTD

General Motors                16.6%
Ford                                     15.3%
Toyota                                14%
Chrysler                              13.2%
Honda                                 9.2%
Nissan                                 9.2%
YTD sales are up 1.2% over 2015

Record Car Sales for March, Q1 and 2016

Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any Better

IRVINE, Calif., March 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- New-vehicle
sales are expected to increase 8 percent year-over-year to a
total of 1.66 million units in March 2016, resulting in an estimated
17.2 million seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR), according
to Kelley Blue Book, the vehicle valuation and
information source trusted and relied upon by both consumers
and the automotive industry.  Two additional selling days will
help this month's volume totals as the SAAR will stay relatively
consistent with recent months.

"The industry continues to maintain its momentum in March as
we expect the highest volume of any month in more than 10
years," said Tim Fleming, analyst for Kelley Blue Book. 
"However, we continue to follow indicators that demand for new
cars is weakening, while there is increased incentive spending
and an increasing share of fleet sales."

The 1.66 million units will bring the first quarter total to 4.15 million,
which is up 5 percent year-over-year, making this the second
highest first quarter on record, surpassed only by Q1 2000. 
This also could be the highest March sales total since 2000,
when sales also hit 1.66 million units, and the highest volume
total of any month since July 2005.

Unemployment Nears All Time Lows

Current Unemployment Rates for States / Historical Highs/Lows
Seasonally Adjusted
  Feb. 2016 Historical High Historical Low
State Rate Date Rate Date Rate
Alaska 6.6% Aug. 1986 11.2% June-07 6.3%
California 5.5% Oct. 2010 12.2% Dec. 2000 4.7%
Colorado 3.0% Oct. 2010 8.9% Dec. 2000 2.7%
Hawaii 3.1% Jan. 1976 10.4% Dec. 2006 2.4%
Idaho 3.9% Dec. 1982 10.2% June-07 2.9%
Montana 4.2% May-83 8.8% Feb. 2007 2.9%
Nevada 5.9% Nov. 2010 13.7% Jan. 1999 3.7%
Oregon 4.8% May-09 11.9% Feb. 1995 4.7%
Washington 5.8% Nov. 1982 12.2% June-07 4.6%
Wyoming 5.0% Dec. 1986 9.4% May-79 2.5%

Vegas Odds in March

     Las Vegas Odds
             as of 3-8-2016
US Presidential Election

Tuesday 8th November 2016

Candidate                          Odds

Hillary Clinton                        4/9

Donald Trump                      10/3

Ted Cruz                             16/1

Bernie Sanders                    20/1

John Kasich                         20/1

Marco Rubio                        25/1

Joe Biden                            40/1

Paul Ryan                            66/1

Mitt Romney                      100/1

30 years

30 years cpa

30 years cpa
Hard to imagine, 30 years go by fast!

Record New Car Sales Year

Recond Year in Car Sales
2015 saw a record 17.5 million new cars sold in the USA. Passing a 15 year old record it totalled over $570 billion with the average sale at $34,450. Low gas prices, low interest and continued pent up demand paved the way.

Car Sales Strong

Despite a multitude of problems
from recalls to cheating, the US
market remains strong!

October YTD -


Make % change
Buick -0.20%
Cadillac 13.00%
Chevrolet 17.60%
GMC 18.00%
General Motors 15.90%
Ford 14.30%
Lincoln -4.50%
Ford Motor Co. 13.40%
Lexus 13.20%
Scion 49.90%
Toyota 12.00%
Toyota/Scion 13.00%
Toyota Motor Sales 13.00%
Chrysler 0.90%
Dodge 12.30%
Ram 2.90%
Fiat 0.90%
Jeep 33.30%
FCA US 14.70%
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 14.60%
Acura 4.20%
Honda 9.30%
American Honda Motor Co. 8.60%
Infiniti 23.20%
Nissan 11.50%
Nissan North America 12.50%
Hyundai 19.80%
Kia 12.00%
Hyundai-Kia 16.10%
Audi 16.80%
Porsche 11.00%
VW 0.20%
VW Group Of America 5.80%
Subaru 20.00%
BMW -3.80%
Mini -22.90%
BMW Group -6.60%
Mercedes-Benz 3.30%
Smart USA 23.20%
Daimler AG 3.70%
Mazda 35.40%
Mitsubishi 19.80%
Jaguar -1.90%
Land Rover 97.60%
Jaguar Land Rover N.A. 76.10%
Volvo Cars N.A. 86.90%
Tesla 15.30%
Other*** 2.10%

TOTAL U.S.              



Social Media

Social Media
65% of companies surveyed found new hires through social media in the past year.  57% through Linkedin, 30% through professional or association network sites and 19% through Facebook. The Society of Human Resource Management conducted this survey and also learned that HR professionals almost unanimously recommend that job seekers should have a strong presence on the web. Employers are increasingly searching these sites for potential hires.

On the flip side a large percentage of employers check the web sites of potential hires for content, as do we. Most are pretty well displayed, but too many are not professional and give a negative impression. Poor grammar, bad spelling, inappropriate topics or graphics. It is amazing what people have on their media knowing that an employer has full access to it. If you are in a job search, be sure to police your online presence. Build them like you would a resume with spell and grammar check. If some of your friends post inappropriate items that hit your wall be sure to unfriend them. It just takes one questionable item to hit your wall at the wrong time and you could miss that opportunity.

Big 3 Gains

Detroit 3, Nissan post double-digit gains in September

AutoNews bulletin, David Phillips

The Detroit 3 and Nissan Group, helped by Labor Day promotions and higher light truck demand, all reported double-digit U.S. sales gains for September amid fresh forecasts that the industry would record its strongest performance in more than a decade.


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