Controller P-31397

Controller P-31397

Currently working, this Controller/Office Manager applicant is looking for a shorter commute. Has good work history and references.  Responsibilities include:

  • Oversees over 175 employees in organization.
  • Directly assists the CFO and dealer with all taxes, insurance, and financial decisions.
  • Reconcile and submit all B&O filings and financial statements monthly.
  • Hire and train all new office personnel.
  • Prepare monthly payroll.
  • Research for new pay plans, finance products, and insurance products.

Pay range: $7,500 (+) per month.

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Applicant ID: p-31397
Location: Centralia to Longview WA area


Counselor: Dave DeMontigny
Phone: 425-952-4400
Email: dave@carpeople.com