General Manager P-23535

General Manager P-23535

Moving to Seattle to be closer to relatives.  Applicant is quite familiar with the area and can start work within 3 weeks of hire date.

Accomplished Variable and Fix Operations leader with over twenty five years in the automotive Industry. A graduate of NADA Dealer Academy in 2017 and a recipient of Manufacturer’s Sales Leadership Award for nine consecutive years. Was recognized as #1 in Customer Satisfaction in his zone, #1 in Employee Retention across 200+ branches. He is a passionate and effective leader and coach who prides himself on building a strong sales force.  Pay Range:  $13K to $16K per month.

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Applicant ID: P-23535
Location: Western Washington ( Seattle, Bellingham to Auburn)


Counselor: Dave DeMontigny
Phone: 425-952-4400
Email: dave@carpeople.com