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Thank you so much for everything!  I so appreciate the advice you (Dave) and Paul have given me through this process.  As most job changes are, this has been quite an emotional experience and I felt very comforted being able to ask dumb questions.  Also, you both deserve huge hugs for your counseling services.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Dennis, Thank you for all your help with our new candidate! It was a pleasure working with you! -B


Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf. It's been a great experience dealing with Car People currently and in the past. I am sure I will be in contact with you in the future to fill positions. Thank You, C.C.

Janelle @ GPL

Jennifer is doing a GREAT JOB at Car People.  Great “can do” attitude.  Jennifer is on top of everything.  Things get done super fast.  VERY IMPRESSED!!!


I am just writing to tell you about all the time and help Dave gave me in my search for a new job. He knew exactly what I was going through in my current position and promised to find me something new making me what I wanted. Well, he did more than that. He found THE PERFECT place, It's like they made a perfect position just for me! Not only that, but I'm going to be making almost TWICE what I expected.


Jill, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for me. You have made it a fun process. Car People are so lucky to have you. Thank you! Your new friend. DC


A great agency that cares about their candidates future. I have used Car People three times and with each move it has provided me a better lifestyle. Thank you for helping me reach my career goals!


I would like to inform you how wonderful it was working with Dave DeMontigny and your company. I moved from Southern California to Redmond, Washington a few weeks ago. I found your website online and immediately contacted Dave to see if he could assist in helping me find a job. He took all of my information and kept me informed of the process. Dave was very attentive, reassuring and made me feel at


I wanted to take the time to compliment Dave DeMontigny for his recent services. I was in the position of searching for new employment and decided to fill out my profile on-line with Car People. The very next day I received a call from Dave, remembering me from a previous Service Advisor class and previous help with securing employment. Dave quickly arranged a meeting and within 2 days had an interview


Within 6 hours of faxing my info to Dave I had an interview set up. I had a job offer within 24 hours. I now have a job that is within a mile of where I live. Better hours, pay and retirement than my previous job. Way to go Dave!!!! S.W.


I don't even know how to begin to thank you for getting me this opportunity. I have said it before, but I'll say it again, you have been nothing but helpful and understanding. You gave me all the confidence in the world that I would get hired. I know it's getting kind of sentimental, but Thank You Jill! K.S.


I cannot thank you enough for the job at ......., it is the best job I have ever had. The people are super nice, no bickering or back stabbing, the hours are great and I love the job I am doing. I was disappointed a couple of times when I did not get hired at other places but now I understand THIS IS THE PLACE I WAS MEANT TO BE. I would recommend you and car people to other people. If I had to rate


Jill, I got your nice card, letter and coaster in the mail yesterday, thank you , and thanks for your help, I sure will recommend you to anyone I know and would not hesitate to use you again in the future. MD


Hi Jill. I just wanted to thank you again for all you did for us. We love Idaho, and I really believe I found a home at this dealership. We have been dreaming of this since March and believe it or not Idaho was our first choice. When my wife was young she drove through on a trip from Canada. She told me all about it and how beautiful it was. God bless and THANX. J.H.


Jill, I want to thank you for all the communication we shared and your efforts to help me find employment. At first I was unsure about using a service not knowing what the obligation and expectations would be; however, working with you was an absolute pleasure. I feel you understood my concerns and objections regarding the current opportunities, and I never felt pressured to say YES. Although I ultimately


Paul, thanks for your help with our new Service Manager. He is proving to be a GREAT employee!!! As a reminder, we sell about 100 cars a month and have a service department that does around 400 ROs a month. We are opening another dealership and service location and need your help. M.C.


I want to thank Car People, especially Jill Marsden, for helping me find my new employer. I am extremely grateful, very happy and excited at my new home. It was a perfect fit for me and an easy transition. Jill’s honesty and perception of what I was looking for helped expedite and narrow down my options so that I was able to make a decision on the place best suited for me. I have and will continue


I have been so excited about my new career that Dave helped me get that I forgot to send you an email. Dave not once gave up on me or trying to help me. He stayed in constant contact with me to update me. All in all he was awesome. Thank you and tell Dave that I really appreciate what you guys do. Wonderful company!!!! SS


I was in your office recently and although I did not meet you personally I must say that you surround yourself with wonderful and caring individuals. I recently had experience for the first time with Car People and words cannot express my gratitude to Dave DeMontigny and his staff for helping (understatement!) in my search for employment in the automotive field. I informed Dave of my situation and


Dave, I just wanted to jot you an email to say a huge THANK YOU! I will be putting in my notice today and although I am closing a chapter and it does bring some sadness, I am so excited about the new chapter.  I am going to finally be able to spend time with friends and family, enjoy my home and gain more of my life back thanks to you and your help. You helped me many years ago getting the opportunity


I just wanted tell you that you have some great people working there! I am currently working with Dave and just recently took his Service Advisor Class. Dave has been extremely helpful in my up coming career switch. He has given me lots of advice and has spent hours helping me get ready for my up coming interviews! I would highly recommend him to prospective employers and employees. I worked with Erika


Hi Jill, Just wanted to say hi and keep in touch with you. Thank you for all the work you.. did.. in my behalf. It was a struggle for you I am sure. I am ... out of the industry now... terrible money but great security. Thank you again Jill. You provided an awesome service for me in a very down market and I just wanted you to know it was appreciated. AN


I just wanted to tell you about the good job Dave did for me. I am changing fields and had no experience in the automotive business. I took the service advisor class last October on Dave's recommendation. He told me he might be able to place me this Spring when business picked up. Well, he helped me through the process and placed me after the second interview. He was just super. Thank you very much.


Jill, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your great service. I was able to secure a great position with a very good dealership. I would have never known about the opening and they would never have known about me without you and Car People. Your help and guidance was fantastic. I will not hesitate to tell other qualified Sales Managers about you and your service. Thank you! Thank you! D.R.


Jill, I just wanted to say thank you for finding me this job. I believe it's an amazing fit for many reasons and I unquestionably foresee a long term career with them. You definitely have an amazing, special talent for what you do. - JG


I am excited !. Hey, thanks for challenging me to be more flexible. My gut tells me that this company is going to be a good fit for me. If I am in need of Car People's services in the future I will be sure to call...you. N.B.


Unbelievable experience! Paul was so awesome. He listened to my needs and requirements for finding a new job. I wanted to wait and see how things went since my new gig and two months later I am very happy. He is motivated to find you the exact job that fits your needs. I am so thankful that someone recommended talking to him. Without him and Car People, I’d still be searching for a new change. My old


Dennis Clark helped me get a great new job with an American car dealer in the north end, he has always been a solid professional both in the service industry and now with Car People. I value his friendship and assistance with my employment! - EP


Car People has proven to be a most professional firm. They have located three wonderful positions for me in the past 15 years and the service was as great 15 years ago as today. All were done in less than one week from my call to them!! I also use them to find people for my staffing needs as well. I won’t go anywhere else. Thanks for all the great service.
Thanks, L.V.


I just wanted to thank you for helping me get the job at (one of our great customers). I can't wait to start there on Monday. I'm so excited about it. I just hope the commute doesn't kill me or my car:) I'm sure it will be great. Thanks. M.S.


Great Fit! Jill at Car People supported me in my search for a great company to work with. I had been with a corporation for a while and it is always hard to leave your comfort zone, to venture to a new company—it can feel like you are starting over. Jill made every effort to make sure that the choice I made would be the best choice and it was the best choice—I am now with a great company and enjoying