Car People Agency offers a confidential, cost effective approach to the hiring process.

As the Pacific Northwest’s top placement service specializing in the Automotive Dealership, Independent Repair and Auto Body type facilities, we have the resources to meet your staffing needs.

Efficiently. Confidentially. Professionally.

We’re as selective about the referrals we send to you as you are about the people you hire. We have pre-screened hundreds of applicants, checked references, verified skills and carefully select only those who meet your needs. Making a good match is a two way transaction. To ensure our candidates are a good fit for your organization, we consider their career objectives, interests and needs in relation to the position you are trying to fill. This evaluation process results in a higher success rate, increased job satisfaction and reduced turnover. We can also confidentially advise you when qualified applicants are available in your area
Saves you time, expense and frustration. While a position goes unfilled, productivity falls and your frustration rises. Add to that the time of fielding inquiries to an ad or interviewing unqualified applicants and your frustration rises even more. That’s where we can be of help. We often refer candidates the same day you call. And, since we do the initial pre-screening, you see only the most qualified applicants. We also save the expense, downtime and potential problems associated with recruitment advertising. This frees you and your management team up to work your business and make a profit.
Car People has a unique position in the automotive community in that we have thousands of files on people in all departments. We also have thousands of connections with people who will talk to us and give us an effective reference on someone we are working with. References are checked and experience and technical skills verified to the point that you are satisfied that they are well qualified. While we always advise you to check your own references, our pre-screening and effective reference checking eliminates the time and effort involved in interviewing and researching unqualified applicants.
Replacements are our specialty. We can advertise and pre-screen applicants for you without revealing your name or location. Only when we have a qualified match do we set-up an interview. You are in control and can make the decision to hire a new person and make the transition effectively.
There is no charge for our service unless you hire an applicant we refer. Once you hire an applicant, you are protected by our guarantee.
Our fees are paid by the employers we serve and are considerably less than industry standard. We would rather place more people and charge less. Applicants can not pay directly or indirectly for this service. At your request we will gladly email a copy of our fee schedule and guarantee.