Car People offers a confidential job search within your industry.

Your interests and qualifications will be carefully evaluated and matched with a qualified employer. You will have both current and historical information about the potential employer. We have access to the majority of employers in our service area. If you are currently employed then being listed with Car People means you can be confidentially advised when an opening within your specialty becomes available.

Our fees are paid by the employers we serve. There is never a cost to our applicants
Since 1986, Car People has been cementing its relationships with automotive employers throughout the Pacific Northwest. By knowing them and getting to know you, evaluating your skills and needs and learning what you are looking for, we can find a match that fits with one of the employers we represent. Making a good match is a two way transaction. You have to meet their needs, but they have to meet your needs, too. Our process results in a higher success rate, increased job satisfaction and a better chance for long term employment.
Your job search starts with networking. People you know in the business are the best source for a new position. The larger your network the better the chances of a successful search. Always include Car People in that search. Our livelihood comes from matching people with employers. We will work for you.
We can represent you to employers generically – without using your name. By being listed with us we can confidentially match you with confidential, unadvertised openings we are trying to fill.