Candidate Category: Parts

Dealership Parts Manager P-31401

Very well-qualified Parts Manager with GREAT WORK HISTORY and very good references. is moving to the Vancouver/Portland area.  Background is in dealership imports mostly; however, does have past experience in domestics as well.  Pay range: $80k plus per year.

Parts Manager P-33620

This Parts Manager candidate has LOTS of domestic dealership experience.  Currently working in the North end; however, looking for a shorter commute.  Has excellent references, good work history, excellent numbers and has experience in operating both small and large dealerships.  Even though he has had all domestic experience, would also consider most any import brand. …
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Parts Manager P-32432

Experienced Parts Manager who has worked both front and back counters as well as wholesale.  Has had much success as a Parts Manager, he comes with a great work history and excellent references. Here is what people have said about this applicant:  “PHENOMINAL Parts Manger”  “OUTSTANDING job” “Very loyal and well respected employee/manager” Pay $9,000…
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