Candidate Category: Sales Management

General Sales Manager – Sales Manager P-22389

Our candidate is currently working at a very well-run, quality independent used car facility; however, looking for a better fit with an opportunity to grow. Experienced as a Sales Manager and General Sales Manager (with NCM Training) with a background in special finance. Consistently maintains top CSI scores and online reviews while growing volume and…
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General Manager or General Sales Manager P-19503

Currently employed in Idaho, this sharp candidate with very good work history is looking to re-locate to a rural area of Idaho, Oregon, Washington or Montana. The more rural the area, the better. Has experience in Ford, CDJR, and GM brands. Knows how to run a successful team, build sales and keep things humming smooth.…
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General Manager P-26898

Currently working in the Western WA region; however, this sharp General Manager candidate is ready to move. Areas of consideration include: Idaho, Coeur d’ Alene, Montana or Spokane area. Has experience with many brands including VW, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Honda, Ford, CDJR and Subaru. This candidate has excellent references and work history.  Also a recent…
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General Manager P-22097

We have a very talented General Manager with Platform Manager experience as well moving to the Seattle area. Ideally looking for the North King, East King, Marysville or Bellingham area. This candidate has experience with Nissan and VW but open to any brand. Has GREAT references and good work history. Has integrity, honesty and well-organized.…
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Sales Manager P-31302

Our candidate is looking for another good long-term fit as with previous employer.  Strong in building a successful sales team, instituting processes and making sales happen. Experience is in high-end German cars; however, will consider most any brand. DMS experience: CDK.  Has very good references.  $200k (+) salary/pay requirements.

Sales Manager P-54589

This Sales Manager candidate is looking for a shorter commute. Has very good work history with current and previous employers. Great at increasing sales, increasing motivation of employees and works well with other managers. DMS experience: CDK, Reynolds & Reynolds.  Pay range: $250k to $350K per year.

General Sales Manager/Sales Manager P-14547

Talk about good work history, this candidate has 20 years with most recent employer. Along with GREAT WORK HISTORY, our candidate has very good references to go with it. Experienced in higher-end Asian Brand, however, will consider any brand except for domestics. Has 4.8 star google rating with hundreds of unsolicited reviews. Number 1 as…
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Sales Manager P-52508

We have a well-qualified candidate with experience as a Sales Manager and General Sales Manager. Currently working up North, however, looking for a shorter commute, this person has experience in both automotive dealership and RV dealerships. Highly knowledgeable in all areas of dealership operation with a track record of success leading medium and large volume…
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