Candidate Category: Service

Service: Service Advisor p-29623

p-29623  Talk about GREAT WORK HISTORY, this applicant has been at this same independent facility as a Service Advisor for over 8 years.  However, recently moved to the North end and the commute from the East King County area is brutal.  Has experience in both Independent shop and dealerships as an advisor and parts/parts manager…
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Service: Shop Foreman-Trainer-Dispatcher

P-41520   Talk about GREAT WORK HISTORY and REFERENCES,  this applicant, currently working, but looking for a shorter commute has both.  As a  previous diagnostic technician, this candidate has been doing the duties of Foreman, Tech Trainer and Dispatcher for some time.  Knows how to train incoming techs to be more productive, works well with advisors…
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Service Advisor

This applicant is currently employed, however, is looking for better pay and a shorter commute.  Has outstanding references and good work history.  This person knows how to sell and keep the customers happy at the same time.  Knows CDK and Reynolds & Reynolds DMS systems.  Set dealership record in 2019 for “customer pay parts sold”. …
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Service: Service Manager

P-22369   Currently employer; however, looking for a better fit, this Dealership Service Manager candidate is very strong in building a well-organized team that excels in both service sales and customer service.  Strong in recruiting good people, training digital marketing, CRM management and vendor relationships.  Prior brand experience includes Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Hyundai,Ford, Lincoln, Subaru, Nissan…
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Service Manager or Assistant Service Manager p-38747

Currently working as a top-notch with top sales Service Advisor.  This candidate is looking to move to a rural area in either IDAHO, MONTANA or ALASKA.  Has excellent work history with two jobs in the last 20 years!  Has many years experience as a qualified domestic dealership technician and most recently as Service Adviser for…
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Service Manager P-35117

This Service Manager applicant with mostly import experience has VERY GOOD work history and references.  Looking for a shorter commute.  Came up through the ranks from Service Advisor to Service Manager.  Info with current employer: Maintained 79% Gross Profit in 2019 Retention 69.4, district 64.1, regional 67.3, National 63.0 CSI 4.85/National 4.71 Averaging $238 per…
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Service: P-33091

If you are looking for OUTSTANDING SERVICE MANAGER, this is your guy!  He has excellent references and fantastic work history.  Moving to the Everett/North King County area.  Already has a house in area.  Experienced as both Service Manager or Service Director.  Ownership, management, co-workers and techs love working with him.  He knows how to build…
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Service Advisor P-31976

Currently working at a very busy independent facility as Shop Manager/Advisor, this applicant is looking to get into the dealership as a Service Advisor or Quick Lane/Express Lane Manager.  This person is a REAL GO-GETTER.  Very energetic, knows what he is doing, great at sales and management.   Ultimate goal is to become a successful  dealership…
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Independent Shop Manager P-27776

Talk about GREAT WORK HISTORY and REFERENCES, this Independent Shop Manager applicant has both.  Currently working at long term job; however, looking for a better fit.  Operates for an absentee owner, he oversees entire operation doing over 1 million/year including hiring, sales, reports, inventory, etc.  Techs really like working for him and customers love him. …
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Service Advisor P-170

This applicant is as solid 10 on any scale. Has very good work history, Very good references, great numbers in CSI and Labor Hours/R.O. Currently employed, however, looking for a shorter commute. Strong on imports, but may consider domestic brands as well. Pay range: $8k plus per month.