Candidate Category: Service

Automotive Dealership Service Advisor P-45249

Currently working but needing a shorter commute, this Service Advisor candidate has very good work history and references. DMS experience with CDK and Reynolds & Reynolds. Consistently has above the store average CSI scores and writes a good service ticket. Prefers highline car brands. Pay range: $100k (+) per year.

Independent Shop Manager P-32408

Our candidate has exceptional work history as both an automotive dealership service advisor and as an independent auto repair shop manager. Has 9 year history with previous employer. Has great references as well. Prefers the independent side of things; however, may consider an advisor position.  Pay range: $90k (+) per year.

Service Manager P-8450

Currently working down South in a mid-sized import dealership, this Service Manager is looking for a shorter commute. Our candidate has EXCELLENT REFERENCES, good work history and good processes that can turn around a failing service department if needed.  Strong with CDK DMS systems and tablet systems. Consistently has high Labor Hours/R.O. numbers and good…
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