Automotive Dealership Service Manager P-24870

Automotive Dealership Service Manager P-24870

Currently employed, however, looking for a shorter commute, this Service Manager candidate has good work history and EXCELLENT REFERENCES. This is an experienced and results-oriented service manager with a hands-on approach to management and is detail oriented with exceptional interpersonal sales and communication skills which leads to increased profits and team building.

Well-versed in either medium or large dealership operations, mostly with domestic brands, however, interested in most any brand. Interested in operating a more modern facility and would do well stepping up to a Director position. If you are looking at getting results in having an efficient running and profitable service department, this is your man.

Pay range: $150k to $225k depending on dealership size and responsibilities.

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Applicant ID: p-24870
Location: South King/Pierce County


Counselor: Dave DeMontigny
Phone: 425-952-4400
Email: dave@carpeople.com