Payroll-Benefits Administrator P-24704

Payroll-Benefits Administrator P-24704

Our Payroll-Benefits candidate is currently working; however, looking for a shorter commute. Has EXCELLENT WORK HISTORY and REFERENCES. Aside from Payroll/Benefits/HR duties, also is adept at car billing, titling, however, prefers Payroll/Benefits. DMS experience is with CDK and Reynolds & Reynolds. Able to handle a busy dealership operation. Experienced in handling health benefits, workers comp, payroll posting, benefits reconciliation, processing on-board new hires, process timecards, commissions etc.

Pay range: $32 per hour.

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Applicant ID: p-24704
Location: Olympia-Tacoma Area


Counselor: Dave DeMontigny
Phone: 425-952-4400
Email: dave@carpeople.com