Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

Every interview that you attend will be different. Most people find that the more interviews they have, the more confident they become. This is often because they are less likely to be asked a new question. To have a successful interview, not only do you need to be enthusiastic and positive, you need to have practiced what you are going to say. One of the secrets to a successful interview is preparation. A good interview comes about because of 80% preparation and 20% performance or presentation. So don’t just wait until the interview and wing it. Be prepared.

The following questions are frequently asked in interviews and if you cannot answer them, maybe you should postpone your interview until you can.

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to work for us?
  3. What do you expect to be doing ten years from today?
  4. How many close friends do you have?
  5. Did you like school?
  6. Which course did you like best? Why?
  7. Which course did you like least? Why?
  8. Why do you want to be a …?
  9. Are you willing to relocate?
  10. Are you willing to work overtime?
  11. What duties do you think this job has?
  12. What does your father do for a living? ***
  13. What does your mother do? ***
  14. What problems do you think you’ll have in this job?
  15. Tell me about your last job.
  16. Tell me about your boss.
  17. Ever have an argument with your boss? Why not?
  18. Why did you leave your last job?
  19. Can I call your boss and ask some questions? What will he/she tell me?
  20. Can you give me the names of three people I can call for recommendations?
  21. Are you good at math?
  22. What were your grades in English – can you write clearly? ***
  23. What salary do you expect to earn at age 30, 40, 50 ? ***
  24. How many dependents do you have? ***
  25. Tell me about your childhood.
  26. Who do you like best, you mom or dad?
  27. Why did you choose this company?
  28. How many other companies have you approached?
  29. What was your greatest accomplishment?
  30. What was your greatest failure?
  31. What was you greatest disappointment?
  32. What kind of people do you dislike?
  33. How much money do you owe? ***
  34. Have you ever been arrested? ***
  35. Do you like to be praised? Why?
  36. What do you do on weekends? ***
  37. Do you fear criticism? Why?
  38. Would you accept a job in sales? Why?
  39. Do you have any friends or relatives who work for us?
  40. How did you hear about us?
  41. How long have you been looking for work?
  42. What kind of salary do you expect?
  43. What’s you favorite color?
  44. What kind of car do you drive?
  45. What was the last book you read?
  46. Would you like to go back to school?
  47. What time do you get up in the morning?
  48. What is your favorite TV program?
  49. What is your all-time favorite movie?
  50. What sports do you participate in?
  51. Have you ever tried drugs? ***
  52. At what age would you like to retire? ***
  53. What do you usually drink? ***
  54. Give me two reasons why I should NOT hire you.
  55. Give me two reasons why I should hire you.
  56. Are you always so nervous?
  57. What makes you angry?
  58. How much time a week do you spend on the computer?
  59. Do you have a Facebook or other social network account?
  60. Got any questions for me?

*** These are questions that are not legal to ask. However, many interviewers will ask illegal questions and you have to be prepared to respond. You have several ways to go. You can answer the question, or point out that the question is not legal, or ask what relevance that question has to your ability to perform the job, or……….. it’s up to you.

You will most likely also be asked hypothetical questions and of course questions that relate directly to your occupation. When answering any question, wherever possible, provide examples that substantiate your response.

Again, remember to remain positive and enthusiastic. Not only are they looking for someone who can and will do the job, but they want to employ someone who will fit in with their team. Someone they like.

Are there any questions that you have?

This is often the final question that an employer will ask. It is wise to always ask at least one or two questions as it shows the interviewer your interest in the position available. However, the first interview is not the time to ask questions about salary, benefits, hours or vacation. This information may be critical for you in making your decision, but wait until you are closer to being offered the job before asking about them.