We are NOT headhunters

We are NOT headhunters. We will never contact employees directly and solicit them for other jobs.
All of our applicants respond to us of their own accord.


Save the time and expense of advertising and interviewing unqualified applicants. Car People refers only pre-qualified contenders.

Stop wasting valuable production time
answering calls and responding to craigslist responses, interviewing unqualified applicants
and accumulating down time that is frustrating
and costly.  Applicant’s references are checked
to verify their abilities along with work history
and qualifications.

Confidentiality is our specialty. We can advertise, interview and pre-screen people with complete confidentiality. Most of our applicants are using our services confidentially to find the right job.

We know our business. We have a wealth of
experience in our staff. Between us, we are
familiar with every job in the automotive industry.

Fees are employer paid and are much less than
the industry standard.


“The Employer Paid fee is due only if you value our referral enough to hire”