Candidate Category: Office & Accounting

General Office-Bookkeeper P-7158

GENERAL OFFICE-BOOKKEEPER:  This candidate has GREAT WORK HISTORY and REFERENCES.  Looking for either PART-TIME or FULL-TIME work.  At current employer has been “jack of all trades” handling accounting duties like bookkeeping, AR/AP, payroll, using QUICKBOOKS desk-top and on-line. Also has background in organizing retreats and extracurricular business activities.   This candidate would be a great choice…
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Office: Office Manager p-25873

Currently working at a mid-sized dealership, this candidate is looking to move to the Eastern Washington/Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area.  Has great references, is a hands-on manager, knows and works all the office positions and does the work of two people.  Very accurate and timely on end-of-month documentation and financials.  Can work well in a busy multiple-person…
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Controller/Office Manager P-26088

This person has Outstanding References!  Currently working, but looking for a shorter commute this Controller/Office Manager candidate wants another good long term fit. Oversees a staff of 5, knows all the positions well as she came up through the ranks. Submits financials to factory, handles all employee benefits and insurance, handles monthly tax returns, has…
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